drives, driving, drove, driven
1) VERB When you drive somewhere, you operate a car or other vehicle and control its movement and direction.

[V prep/adv] I drove into town and went to a restaurant for dinner...

[V prep/adv] He put the bags in the car and drove off...

She never learned to drive...

[V n] Mrs Glick drove her own car and the girls went in Nancy's convertible. [Also V n prep/adv]

Derived words:
driving N-UNCOUNT

...a qualified driving instructor...

It was an outrageous piece of dangerous driving.

2) VERB If you drive someone somewhere, you take them there in a car or other vehicle.

[V n prep/adv] His daughter Carly drove him to the train station. [Also V n]

3) N-COUNT A drive is a journey in a car or other vehicle.

I thought we might go for a drive on Sunday.

4) N-COUNT A drive is a wide piece of hard ground, or sometimes a private road, that leads from the road to a person's house.
5) VERB If something drives a machine, it supplies the power that makes it work.

[V n] The current flows into electric motors that drive the wheels.

6) N-UNCOUNT: usu n N Drive is the power supplied by the engine to particular wheels in a car or other vehicle to make the vehicle move.

He put the jeep in four-wheel drive and splashed up the slope.

7) N-COUNT: usu supp N You use drive to refer to the mechanical part of a computer which reads the data on disks and tapes, or writes data onto them.
See also disk drive

The firm specialised in supplying pieces of equipment, such as terminals, tape drives or printers.

8) VERB If you drive something such as a nail into something else, you push it in or hammer it in using a lot of effort.

[V n prep] I had to use our sledgehammer to drive the pegs into the side of the path...

[V n with adv] We managed to hold a strip of lead along it long enough for me to drive in a nail.

9) VERB In games such as cricket, golf, soccer, or football, if a player drives a ball somewhere, they kick or hit it there with a lot of force.

[V n prep/adv] The clearance fell to Armstrong, who drove the ball into the roof of the Liverpool net. [Also V n]

10) N-COUNT In golf, a drive is the first stroke a player makes from the tee.

Woosnam sliced his drive into the bushes.

11) VERB If the wind, rain, or snow drives in a particular direction, it moves with great force in that direction.

[V prep/adv] Rain drove against the window.

Derived words:
driving ADJ ADJ n

He crashed into a tree in driving rain.

...rescuers battling through driving snow.

12) VERB If you drive people or animals somewhere, you make them go to or from that place.

[V n prep] The last offensive drove thousands of people into Thailand...

[V n prep] Every summer the shepherds drive the sheep up to pasture...

[V n with adv] The smoke also drove mosquitoes away.

13) VERB To drive someone into a particular state or situation means to force them into that state or situation.

[V n into/to n] The recession and hospital bills drove them into bankruptcy...

[V n adj] He nearly drove Elsie mad with his fussing.

14) VERB The desire or feeling that drives a person to do something, especially something extreme, is the desire or feeling that causes them to do it.

[V n to-inf] More than once, depression drove him to attempt suicide...

[V n to n] Jealousy drives people to murder...

[be V-ed] If we are driven by guilt, resentment and anxiety, our children will absorb these feelings and express them too.

[V-ed] ...a man driven by a pathological need to win. [Also V n]

15) N-UNCOUNT If you say that someone has drive, you mean they have energy and determination.

John will be best remembered for his drive and enthusiasm.

16) N-COUNT A drive is a very strong need or desire in human beings that makes them act in particular ways.

...compelling, dynamic sex drives.

17) N-SING: with supp A drive is a special effort made by a group of people for a particular purpose.

The ANC is about to launch a nationwide recruitment drive...

The Church in Haiti has played an important role in the drive towards democracy.

18) N-IN-NAMES Drive is used in the names of some streets.

...23 Queen's Drive, Malvern, Worcestershire.

19) See also driving
20) PHRASE: V inflects If you ask someone what they are driving at, you are asking what they are trying to say or what they are saying indirectly.

It was clear Cohen didn't understand what Millard was driving at.

21) to drive a hard bargainsee bargain
to drive a point homesee home
Phrasal Verbs:

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